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Vertigo in The Netherlands released a few British albums, but most were imported from either Britain or Germany. It also released one album and one single by a Dutch band, which were not released elsewhere, as well as an American band licensed from a small company. You will find these a bit further on.
As in almost every European country, there were quite some single releases, all in picture sleeve. With the singles the swirl label persisted much longer here than in most other countries, so you will find some high catalogue numbers with swirl labels. Needless to say, probably, that the picture sleeves differ from those of other countries. At the end of this page there is again a display of those.


Early albums that were manufactured in The Netherlands had different catalogue numbers to their British counterparts. Later on, they were identical.
With some of the albums, there was a Vertigo inner sleeve, that was not the same as the British one (see scan). There is no plastic lining and no middle hole. A patent number appears in the bottom right corner.


The album matrix numbers are machine-stamped and read as follows:
AA 6360071 1V 1 670 117, with ''AA'' (an internal code indicating a Philips pressing), matrix, ''1V 1'' for side A, first mother disc, and ''670'' the country code. Most releases additionally have an indication of the year of release like ''(P) 1970'' on the Cressida album.
Mispresses are known. There are for instance copies of Black Sabbath's debut that play Manfred Mann Chapter III on side A.

At least the following three early albums were released with a different catalogue number to Britain: they were assigned the ''old'' Phonogram numbers that do appear under the ''new'' number on the backcover, just as in Britain. The very first three Vertigo albums were released on Fontana in The Netherlands, like Colosseum's Valentyne Suite and Juicy Lucy's self-titled album. They have ''A Vertigo production'' on the front below the Fontana logo.

847 200 VTY
An old raincoat won't ever let you down (in Britain VO 4)

847 902 VTY
"same" (in Britain VO 3)

847 903  VTY
''same'' (in Britain VO 6)

847 904 VTY
''same'' (in Britain VO 7)

All of these have fully laminated covers, but are made of thinner board than the British ones.

Labels on Dutch albums adopted the strategy of a full swirl logo on the A-side (identical to Britain and not to Germany) and information on the B-side from the beginning (although not consistently so) and look like this:

All Dutch albums have ''Made in Holland'' clearly stated at the bottom of the label. The Vertigo logo and wording appear above the spindle hole. On early albums the logo is upside-down!! Probably no-one bothered to explain to the Dutch branch which way it should be viewed. Later releases have this error corrected.
nlcopyright2 nlcopyright3
The first albums have two copyright control logos.
On the Cressida album the second logo was dropped. Some later albums recaptured the first logo but omitted the other one.

Several albums were released with a swirl label, that weren't released in Britain like that. Some of these are just high catalogue numbers, issued at a time when  the swirl label in Britain already was obsolete. Furthermore, there were some albums that were not released on Vertigo at all in other countries and there was one Dutch signing, not released anywhere else in whatever format. We will look at these in numerical order, even though your time-table may get a little confused in the process.

6360 098


Line-up: Stewart Blandamer, sax/ Andy Bown, keyb/ John Coghlan, dr/ Steve Farr, sax/ Alan Lancaster, voc, bsgtr/ John Mealing, keyb/ Richard Parfitt, voc, keyb, gtr/ Francis Rossi, voc, gtr.
Production: Status Quo for G.M. Ltd..
Cover-art  by unknown.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by Robor Limited.
Recorded at  IBC Studios

Track listing A-side: Roll Over Lay Down (Status Quo) 5'41''/ Claudie (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 4'00''/ A Reason For Living (Richard Parfitt + Francis Rossi) 4'41''/ Blue Eyed Lady (Alan Lancaster + Richard Parfitt) 3'50''.
Track listing B-side: Caroline (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 4'16''/ Softer Ride (Alan Lancaster + Richard Parfitt) 4'00''/ And Its Better Now (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 3'20''/ Forty-Five Hundred Times (Richard Parfitt + Francis Rossi) 9'50''.

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360098 1Y1 (P) 1973 670 115
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360098 2Y1 (P) 1973 670 111

Rarity scale: R2

Contrary to their German colleagues, Vertigo Netherlands imported the cover straight and timely from the UK and thereby had no need to issue a ''temporary'' cover like the Germans did. They did, however, include the British lyric inner sleeve. The cover only renders its image visable if you either use a 500W bulb while looking, or else hold the cover at an extremely acute slant. We tampered a little with the cover to make the design visible for frontal viewing too.
The silver (unscannable) lettering makes at least clear what the title and the band name are.
It's a single cover, but an enormous black and white poster of the band was included with some copies.

Notes: This album was released with B-side styled labels on both sides.
From around the beginning of 1973, the international copyright control logos are replaced by ''Stemra'', the Dutch copyright controlling institution.
Complete copies with both poster and inner sleeve may be even rarer than R2.

6360 117


Line-up: John Coghlan, dr/ Alan Lancaster, voc, bsgtr/ Richard Parfitt, voc, keyb, gtr/ Francis Rossi, voc, gtr.
Production: Status Quo.
Cover-design  by Jack Wood.
Photography by Marcus Keef & Quo 127 Camera Club
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  IBC Studios

Track listing A-side: Little Lady (Richard Parfitt) 3'05''/ Most Of The Time (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 3'21''/ I Saw The Light (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 3'55''/ Over And Done (Alan Lancaster) 3'55''/ Nightride (Richard Parfitt + Rob Young) 3'52''.
Track listing B-side: Down Down (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 5'24''/ Broken Man (Alan Lancaster) 4'13''/ What To Do (Francis Rossi + Rob Young) 3'15''/ Where I Am (Richard Parfitt) 3'10''/ Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry) 4'35''.

The Vertigo logo on front is white.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360117 1Y 1 (P) 1975 670 117
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360117 2Y 1 (P) 1975 670 115

Rarity scale: R1

The perspective tricks on both front and backcover are mildly funny, but their fascination rubs off quite soon. The inside is adorned by some fifty small pictures from a scrapbook. A waste of space.
The lettering is as stale as yesteryear's pint of cider.
The good news is, that a lyric sheet with blue print was tucked inside some copies, though its is rarely ever present.

Copies of 6360 701 Jim Croce Life and Times have been spotted . They are virtually the same as the British release. This record is also known to exist with a cover that substitutes the Vertigo logo with that of the mother company Philips.

6360 800


Line-up: Reinol Andino, perc/ Harvey Brooks, bsgtr, gtr/ Paul Butterfield, harm/ Kal David, voc, gtr/ Terrel Eaton, sax, fl/ Jean Ely, vl/ Lewis Eley, vl, vla/ Marty Grebb, voc, sax, keyb, bsgtr/ Ben Keith, steel/ Harry Lookofsky, vl/ Bob Pritchardm trb/ Stan Shafrin, trp/ Greg Thomas, dr.
Production: Michael Lang & Fabulous Rhinestones.
Cover-design  by Tom Wilkes.
Photography by Barry Feinstein
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  Eagle Mountain House

Track listing A-side: Nothing New (Kal David) 5'04''/ Easy As You Make It (Kal David) 3'36''/ Just Can't Turn My Back On You (Marty Grebb) 3'42''/ Living On My Own Time (Kal David) 3'26''/ Free (Harvey Brooks) 4'15''.
Track listing B-side: What A Wonderful Thing We Have (Marty Grebb + Harvey Brooks) 4'55''/ Live It Out To The End (Marty Grebb + Kal David) 3'41''/ Harmonize (Marty Grebb + Harvey Brooks + Reinol Andino) 3'12''/ Big Indian (Kal David) 4'03''/ Positive Direction (Marty Grebb) 5'12''.

No Vertigo logo on front.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360800 1Y 1 670 111
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360800 2Y 1 670 111

Rarity scale: R4

One of very few American bands on swirl and an extremely rare record. The opening cut features an incredible harmonica solo by Paul Butterfield and great blues-rock guitar by Kal David, so the beginning is promising. Great and tight interplay is a bonus too, but many tracks are just too predictable to really excite. Too much routine mars this album severely, but at times the band rises to the occasion. Fine guitar on Positive direction and a memorable melody on Living on my own time are positive points. Agreeable, but not much more.

Dramatic, but altogether too sweet a covershot. The large country mansion on the back is better. Inside the gatefold the inevitable section of small photographs holds sway. Well, well, well...
The lettering is in accord with the picture: too sweet too.

Notes: This album was released in the USA on Just Sunshine (JSS 1) in 1972.

6360 850


Line-up: Hans Boer, voc, fl, sax/ Albert Veldkamp, gtr, bsgtr/ Rob Verhoeven, dr/ Ruud Wouterson, voc, keyb.
Production: Tony Vos.
Cover-design  by Jan van Uden.
Photography by unknown
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  unknown.

Track listing A-side: Daybreak (2'30'')/ Anaïs (5'00'')/ Apocalyps (10'52'')/ The Madman (1'20'').
Track listing B-side: Orion (19'27'').
All tracks by Ruud Wouterson.

The Vertigo logo on front is light blue

Matrix number A-side:
(P) 1972 AA 6360850 1Y 1 670 03112
Matrix number B-side:
(P) 1972 AA 6360850 2Y 1 670 03112

Rarity scale: R4

The only Dutch signing on swirl and again an extremely rare record. This is clearly the brainchild of the otherwise unknown Wouterson, who wrote all the material. There is massive influence of Focus, which is underlined by some wordless vocals and prominent flute parts. The first two tracks are modestly respectable progressive rock played in pastel shades. The album really takes off with the long Apocalyps, a more inventive piece of prog-rock, although the end of times surely will be more dramatic than this friendly bit of music, we guess. The madman doesn't live up to its title at all. The side-long title track on side B is better than all that went before. The band plays more concise, sharper, and the melodies are better. Again the ghost of Focus hovers above much of the sound. This is surely a creditable album, but a far cry from, say, Cressida and the likes.

Another mirrored photograph presents the lads on the front cover with the obligatory denim plus hair. The starkness of the surroundings just about saves the image from banality. The backcover shows a superb 18th century Orion, complete with hunting dog and cudgel, all made out of tinplate and the information.
The lettering maybe a bit rigid, but functions well in its context. This is a single cover.

6370 111


Line-up: Clem Clempson, gtr/ Dave Greenslade, voc, keyb/ Dave Lawson, voc, keyb/ Andy McCulloch, dr/ Tony Reeves, bsgtr/ Andy Roberts, gtr/ Graham Smith, vl.
Production: Jeremy Ensor & Greenslade.
Cover-design  by Marcus Keef.
Photography by Marcus Keef.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  Morgan No.3 Studios.

Track listing A-side: Spirit Of The Dance (Dave Greenslade) 5'08''/ Little Red Fry-Up (Dave Lawson) 5'11''/ Rainbow (Dave Lawson) 4'20''/ Siam Seesaw (Tony Reeves) 4'43''.
Track listing B-side: Joie De Vivre (Dave Greenslade + Martin Hall) 8'25''/ Red Light (Dave Lawson) 2'47''/ Melancholic Race (Dave Greenslade) 4'15''/ Theme For An Imaginary Western (Jack Bruce + Pete Brown) 3'51''.

The Vertigo logo on front is white

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360111 1Y 1 670 112
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360111 2Y 1 670 11

Rarity scale: R2

Considering the pedigree of the musicians, expectations are pretty high. Indeed, this is an extremely complex record, with, technically spoken, effortless musicianship. ''Classical'' themes galore, often there are two keyboards with different timbres simultaneously active. The sparkling, but empty instrumental which opens the album suggests the worst, a ridiculous way to start a record. Luckily Little red fry-up is much better. Fine multiple vocals, a short but scorching guitar solo and an uncommon, yet logical, melody. The rest of side A has its moments, but the excessive  use of Fender-piano keeps the colours too much alike. Side B opens in a better way. The elaborately constructed Joie de vivre has an outstanding and dramatic arrangement with attractive washes of mellotron. Red light, a ballad, suffers again from Fender-piano, but has nice double vocals. Melancholic race shows a lot of classical influence and the Bruce/Brown track has been done more excitingly by Colosseum, though even this version is acceptable.

The impressive picture of a gong and a black panther does not seem to have anything to do with the record, but it's a nice image anyway. Inside the gatefold and on the back the usual small photographs. Yes, they play chess...
Roger Dean's lettering is more or less a corporate logo, but printed in the wrong colour.

Notes: this was released in the UK on Warner Brothers (K 56055) in 1973 and in the USA on Mercury (SRM 1-1015) in 1974.

6370 113


Line-up: Martin Briley, gtr, bsgtr/ Dave Greenslade, voc, keyb/ Dave Lawson, voc, keyb/ Andy McCulloch, dr
Production: Jeremy Ensor & Gregg Jackman & Greenslade.
Cover-art  by Patrick Woodroffe.
Cover-design by Andy McCullogh
Photography by Michael Putland.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  Morgan Studios & Sawmill Studio.

Track listing A-side: Animal Farm (Dave Lawson) 3'22''/ Newsworth (Dave Greenslade + Dave Lawson) 3'10''/ Time (Dave Greenslade) 1'16''/ Tide (Dave Greenslade) 2'44''/ Catalan (Dave Greenslade) 5'03''.
Track listing B-side: The Flattery Stakes (Dave Greenslade + Dave Lawson) 3'30''/ Waltz For A Fallen Idol (Dave Greenslade + Dave Lawson) 3'18''/ The Ass's Ears (Dave Greenslade + Dave Lawson) 3'19''/ Doldrums (Jack Bruce + Pete Brown) 3'30''/ Gangsters (Dave Greenslade) 2'21''.

The Vertigo logo on front is white

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360113 1Y 2 (P) 1975 670 112 06
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360113 2Y 1 (P) 1975 670 06 112

Rarity scale: R2

With Reeves departed for Curved Air, this album has faster tempi and is more commercial than the previous one. The awful rock 'n' roll of Animal farm clearly is an abberration, so the album starts with Newsworth, an enticing slab of fast rock with uncommon drums. Time features harpsichord and a solemn choir, Tide sounds like a mellow King Crimson track, while Catalan is a succesful attempt to tailor Spanish harmonies into a sharp jacket. Quite complex, but a bit long, too. On side B the vocals of Lawton gradually start to irritate: too much pressure, too little breadth. Still, The ass's ears is sophisticated prog-rock, easily the best of the album. Doldrums is Lawton all by himself, including wind, water and dated stereo-effects. Gangsters is B-film music made a little better, but with a senseless moog outro. A strange conclusion of a mostly well-crafted album.

It's fantasy time on the cover. A four-armed richly jewelled wizard plays a keyboard, asks for attention and shows two masks, all in a meticulous dream-realistic style. The headgear is memorable. The background is all shades of yellow and green. On the back the rest of the landscape (where now six tiny green people appear) with four portrait photographsof band members framed in ovals. Inside a picture of a stage ready for the boys and the lyrics.
Dean's lettering has been replaced, but due to the miserable green on ochre the new one is hardly readable.

Notes: this was released in the UK on Warner Brothers (K 56126) in 1975 and in the USA on Mercury (SRM 1-1025) also in 1975.

6370 401


The cover is the usual one.

6370 405


Line-up: Pete Agnew, bsgtr, keyb/ Manny Charlton, gtr/ Dan McCafferty, voc/ Max Middleton, keyb/ Darrell Sweet, dr.
Production: Manny Charlton.
Cover-art  by Dave Roe.
Liner notes: none.
Cover manufactured by unknown.
Recorded at  Escape Studios.

Track listing A-side: Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth) 4'10''/ Miss Misery (Nazareth) 4'41''/ Guilty (Randy Newman) 3'38''/ Changin' Times (Nazareth) 6'03''.
Track listing B-side: Beggars Day (Nils Lofgren) 3'55''/ Rose In The Heather (Nazareth) 2'35''/ Whisky Drinkin' Woman (Nazareth) 5'30''/ Please Don't Judas Me (Nazareth) 9'50''.

The Vertigo logo on front is black.

Matrix number A-side:
AA 6360405 1Y 1 (P) 1975 670 114 03
Matrix number B-side:
AA 6360405 2Y 1 (P) 1975 670 112 03

Rarity scale: R1

Heavy-footed rock with sandpaper vocals is the recipe here. The odd tendency to choose strange cover versions is restricted to the ballad Guilty by Randy Newman. It is the only sign of any versatility here, the rest is more or less straight stomping rock without any fancies. Not very adventurous would be an understatement.

Another fantasy cover, a bit in the Roger Dean mould. Not a very hospitable environment, for sure, but excellently executed by Roe. The assorted monstrosities that are waiting for us send shivers of apprehension down our very spines. This is again a single cover.
The lettering for once is well-placed, well-coloured and well-formed. An agreeable exception to the rule.

Notes: this was released in the UK on Mooncrest (CREST 27) in 1975.
There are at least two label variations: one carrying an extra ''copyright control'' caption on the label.

6370 411

This release is virtually identical to the Italian one, please refer to the Italy page.

6370 413

This release is virtually identical to the Italian one, but has B-side styled labels on both sides. Please refer to the Italy page.


As we stated at the top of this page, the swirl label survived very long on singles from The Netherlands (which all were granted a picture sleeve). The first few singles had a flipback cover. There were also some singles that were released over here and not in Britain. We are quite certain that there are more swirl singles issued in The Netherlands (like those from Kayak), than the ones we have on display here. If you own any of these, please contact us!

Singles matrix numbers are machine-stamped and follow a logical pattern:
AA 6059001 1Y 1 (P) 1970 670 114 is the number for the first side of the first single. ''AA'' an internal code, then the catalogue number, ''1Y1'' for side one first mother disc, ''670'' the country code and ''114'' another internal code.

Many Dutch singles (especially early and very late issues) were released with B-side styled labels on both sides. There are releases with either a push-out centre, a solid centre or a ''tri'' centre known to exist.

First Dutch label design with the Vertigo logo upside down! '' Made in Holland'' is stated at 6 o'clock.
Later Dutch label design with the logo corrected. ''Made in Holland'' has travelled to 3 o'clock.

An example of a single with a  solid centre
Single promos have a sticker on the label to mark the release as a ''sample copy''.

We now show the sleeves of some singles in numerical order.

Dutch picture sleeve for 6000 577, Status Quo Lies/ Don't drive my car.

6012950 6012964NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6012 950, Pantheon Anaïs/ Daybreak. Dutch picture sleeve for 6012 964, Teaser Oh Theresa/ I need love. Dutch picture sleeve for 6012 971, Earth & Fire Fire of love/ Season of the falling leaves.

6017163 6032900NL 6032900NLalt
Dutch picture sleeve for 6017 163, Kayak Seagull/ The sword in the stone.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6032 900, Aphrodite's Child Break/ Babylon. Alternate Dutch picture sleeve for 6032 900, Aphrodite's Child Break/ Babylon.

6059001NL 6059002NL 6059010NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 001, Juicy Lucy Who do you love/ Walking down the highway.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 002, Black Sabbath Evil woman/ Wicked world.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 010, Black Sabbath Paranoid/ The wizard.

6059012NL 6059015NL 6059027NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 012, Manfred Mann Chapter III Happy being me/ Devil woman.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 015, Juicy Lucy Pretty woman/ I'm a thief.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 027, Warhorse St.Louis/ No chance.

6059056NL 6059061NL 6059077NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 056, Ian Matthews Da doo ron ron/ Never again.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 061, Black Sabbath Tomorrow's dream/ Laguna sunrise.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 077, Jackson Heights Maureen/ Ragamuffins fool.

6059114NL 6059123NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 114, Status Quo Down down/ Nightride. Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 123, Thin Lizzy Wild one/ For those who love to live.

6059128NL 6059130NL 6059133NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 128, City Boy Shake my head and leave/ Teleulah.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 130, Streetwalkers Raingame/ Miller.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 133, Status Quo Rain/ You lost the love.

6059146NL 6059153NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 144, Streetwalkers Daddy rollin' stone/ Hole in your pocket.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 146, Status Quo Mystery song/ Drifting awy
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 153, Status Quo Wild side of life/ All through the night.

Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 169, Streetwalkers Chili con carne/ But you're beautiful

6059184NL 6059186NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 177, Thin Lizzy Dancing in the moonlight/Bad company.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 184, Status Quo Rockin' all over the world/ Ring for a change.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 186, City Boy She's got style/ One after two.

6059193NL 6059198NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 193, Status Quo Rockers rollin'/ Hold you back. Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 198, City Boy Turn on to Jesus/ Bad for business.
The A-side was later renamed to ''5705'' and became a hit single.

6059210NL 6059216NL 6059248NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 210, Status Quo Again and again/ Too far gone.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 216, Status Quo Accident prone/ Let me fly. 
Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 248, Status Quo Living on an island/ Runaway.

Dutch picture sleeve for 6059 388, Dire Straits Skateaway/ Solid rock.

6073151NL 6073154NL 6073251NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6073 151, Lighthouse One fine morning/ Hats off [to the stranger].
Dutch picture sleeve for 6073 154, Lighthouse Take it slow/ Little kind words.
Dutch picture sleeve for 6073 251, Jim Croce Operator/ Rapid Roy.

6073254NL 6078209NL 6078234NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6073 254, Jim Croce One less set of footsteps/ It doesn't have to be that way. Dutch picture sleeve for 6078 209, Nazareth Love hurts/ Down. Dutch picture sleeve for 6078 234, Nazareth Carry out feelings/ Lift the lid.

6078236NL 6086006NL 6165001NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6078 236, Sensational Alex Harvey Band Runaway/ Snake bite. Dutch picture sleeve for 6086 006, Rod Stewart Country comfort/ Gasoline Alley. Dutch picture sleeve for 6165 001, Black Sabbath Sabbath bloody sabbath/ Changes.

6198264NL 6205060NL 8687567NL
Dutch picture sleeve for 6198 264, Joan Jett You don't own me/ I Love Rock 'n' roll. Dutch picture sleeve for 6205 060, Dire Straits Private investigations/ Badges, posters, stickers, T-shirts. Dutch picture sleeve for 868 756-7, Dire Straits Calling Elvis/ Iron hand

Dutch picture sleeve for 884 256-1, Warlock You hurt my soul/ Turn it on/ Evil.

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